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Contact Lens Eye ExamPatient filling out paper work next to contact lens solution

For many patients, contact lenses provide a safe and effective alternative to eyeglasses. But contact lenses must be designed for each patient's unique eye shape, the doctor or technician will perform further tests to assure an exact fit. It is very helpful if a request for contacts is made when the appointment is scheduled to allow our office to schedule efficiently.

Together with the doctor our contact lens staff will help you to choose the contact lenses that will best fit your needs in accordance with your prescription, and lifestyle. We offer the latest in contact lens technology including; soft, disposable, gas permeable, bifocal and toric contact lenses.

Woman putting contacts in her eyeFollow-up visits and exams are critical to maintain proper fit and health of your eye surface. The eye doctor will check for defects or possible damage to your eyes from the lenses.

Once Dakota Eye Institute has found contact lenses that fit property and meet your vision goals, the eye doctor will provide a prescription. It designates the proper size, shape and power of the lens.

You can expect to return to Dakota Eye Institute for at least two more appointments to complete the contact lens fitting. Following this, you will need to schedule annual exams to monitor the health of your eyes. These office visits will generally be one hour.

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