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Billing FAQ's

Q: What is a refraction?
A: A refraction is the process of determining the optimal eyeglasses prescription for your eyes. This is not only to allow us to prescribe glasses, but more importantly to determine how well you can see. This helps in distinguishing problems caused by poor focus (glasses) from problems caused by eye disease.

Q: Why am I responsible to pay for the refraction?
A: Most health insurances, including Medicare, do not cover refractions as they consider it to be routine eye care. If you have vision insurance, the refraction and routine office visit may be covered depending on your eligibility and specific coverage.

Q: Will you file my insurance claim for me?
A: We will file your claim(s) to all insurances that we participate with, provided you have given us your complete and most current insurance information.

Q: Who do I contact for questions on my bill?
A: Our Patient Accounts Representatives are available by calling 701.222.3937 or toll-free 1.800.344.5634 or by stopping in at either of our Bismarck locations (200 S 5th St or 3119 N 14th St).

Q: How can I obtain a receipt for my flex plan?
A: You can either stop by any of our locations or call us and we’ll be happy to provide it to you via mail or fax.