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At Dakota Eye Institute we are always looking for top available talent. Are you a motivated hard working professional? Do you love working with people and thrive in fast paced environments? We offer a culture where you will be surrounded by smart, ambitious, and motivated people that obsess about the patient experience. Sound appealing? Take a look at our available positions below.

While we don't currently have any positions available we are always considering top talent. Fill out the below employment application below to be considered for any potential positions.

POSITION: Ophthalmic Assistant

REPORTS TO: Technician Manager


This individual is responsible for providing chair-side doctor assistance, performing diagnostic tests as required by ophthalmologist, and administering treatment as allowed and ordered by the physician.


High school diploma or equivalent.
One or more years of experience in a healthcare setting
One year of specialized ophthalmic experience is desirable or completion of on-the-job training upon hiring


Knowledge of medical and ophthalmic terminology.
Outstanding interpersonal skills as well as a neat and professional appearance.
Ability to work on a team and be a positive team member.
Empathetic personality with concern for patient’s needs.
Demonstrated computer literacy.
Fluent in English.
Initiative and flexibility to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Communication and Patient Care

  • Obtains patient history to include chief complaint, history of present illness, past history (ocular and general), family history (ocular and general), and history of allergies and medications,
  • Monitors patient flow, ensuring the physician exam rooms are always full.
  • Acts as scribe for physician.
  • Escorts patients to front desk after exam.
  • Performs pre-exam testing to include visual acuity assessment, pinhole and glare testing, confrontational visual fields, evaluation of motility, pupillary function and dilation, angle assessment, lensometry, tonometry and all other patient services as requested by the physician.
  • Performs specialized testing such as visual fields, OCT, refractometry, IOL calculations, keratometry, pachymetry, corneal topography, fundus photography and fluorescein angiography.
  • Assists physicians with injections, maintaining sterile technique.
  • Assists physician with laser procedures.
  • Assists physician with minor surgery, maintaining practice standards of sterile technique and infection control.
  • Travels to satellite clinics as needed.
  • Completes requests for prescription refills as authorized by physician, with full documentation in patient chart.
  • Retrieves voicemail, emails and phone calls from patients, pharmacies and other physicians, responds back in a timely manner and then documents accordingly.
  • Opens and closes exam lanes daily, insure equipment is wiped down properly between each patient.


  • Ensures that exam rooms are tidied between patients, including cleaning sinks and sanitizing equipment.
  • Cleans all lenses used by doctors.
  • Prepares for COA exam.
  • Employee must comply by HIPPA guidelines to maintain patient confidentiality.

Physical Abilities

  • Must be able to walk and stand for eight hours.
  • Must be able to assist patients in/out of exam chairs and push wheelchairs.
  • Must be able to type or write legibly in a dimly-lit setting.
  • Must be able to hear softly spoken words.

For job consideration please fill out the below job application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Employment Application

Please read all instructions carefully and complete all sections of the application accurately.
  • Attention applicant:

    Dakota Eye Institute is an equal opportunity employer in recruitment, interviewing, hiring and employment practices. All applicants' job experiences, education, training, and other qualifications will be considered without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability. The information which is provided by you in this application will be treated confidentially and will be used only to help assure the best use of your abilities in the event you become employed by Dakota Eye Institute. It is your responsibility to provide sufficient information on this application to indicate that you meet the minimum qualifications for the job for which you wish to be considered. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA), Dakota Eye Institute will prove, if requested, reasonable accommodation to applications in need of accommodation in order to provide access to the application, interviewing and selection process. If you require reasonable accommodations to complete this employment application please feel free to notify us.
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  • Education

  • Post Secondary Education

    (Official transcripts may be required for persons selected for employment)
  • License(s)

    List all relevant certificates or licenses (including valid driver's license)
  • General Information

  • Description of offense:
  • Professional References

    Please list up to three(3) current references who are familiar with your work-related abilities and background. Do not list relatives.
  • Please list any additional acquired skills, knowledge or experience you would like considered in assessing your qualification for this position(such as volunteer work, vocational training, computer course, software programming, office skills, foreign language skills, keyboarding skills/speed, research skills, computer skills, etc.)
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    I hereby certify that all information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that employment in certain positions may be conditional upon a review of criminal records. I authorize Dakota Eye Institute to request and obtain records to determine the accuracy of my response. I agree to abide by all applicable rules, regulations and policies upon my acceptance of employment with Dakota Eye Institute. I understand that any material misrepresentation or omission on this application may be grounds for rejection of my application or termination of any subsequent employment with Dakota Eye Institute. I understand that if I am employed by Dakota Eye Institute, such employment will be for an indefinite period of time, an dthat either I or Dakota Eye Institute can terminate such employment at any time. I further understand that Dakota Eye Institute can change wages, benefits and conditions of employment at any time.
  • Thank you for your interest in applying for employment with Dakota Eye Institute.